$10.35 per Test for quantities of 10


What is Included With Your Meth Test Kit?
1 x Template:  Cardboard template in which provides template area for samples to be taken.
10 x Sterilised Swab: This is a sterile bud used to collect the sample when soaked in buffer solution. Use the side of the swab -not the point when collecting samples.
10 x Liquid Buffer Solution: A formulated solution used to help collect the methamphetamine sample from the surface to be screened. 5 x 0.5 µg  mid-range sensitivity and 5 x 1.5 µg NZ 8510 NZ Standard
10 x Cassette: The testing device.
2 x Protective Gloves: two pairs

Instructions including results chart


Easy, simple to use & highly effective in determining whether your property or vehicle is contaminated with Methamphetamine.  Meth Tests can be purchased in quantities of 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 20.



Meth testing kits come with two sensitivities: 0.5µg mid-range sensitivity and 1.5µg NZ 8510 NZ Standard
Not suitable for screening for newly painted areas, carpets or fabric (or any other non-solid surfaces) avoid dust dirt or grease.
Storage between 2-30 degrees Celcius  do not store in a fridge. Keep out of reach of children.
Disposal – double bag & place in a garbage bin out of reach of children.
Meth Testing Kit can be used to screen areas or test an individual area.
The manufacturer states accuracy test is: Negative 97.10% Positive 96.20%

Analysed and tested by an official NZ testing laboratory that confirm the test results are reliable.

EDS holds no responsibility for any usage or results using its products.
Keep out of reach of children. Do not drink contents. Wash skin with water if contacted with buffer solution

10 x Instant Methamphetamine Tests - recommended for landords