The ECO Decontamination Systems (EDS) along with Apple Environmental is proud to announce that as a result of two years of filming and editing, finally, it is here and available to the public. Purchase and learn online how to clean a methamphetamine contaminated property.


As the first of its kind to be developed, this specialised training demonstration will educate restorers on how to safely decontaminate methamphetamine contaminated properties. Throughout the demonstration, you will gain invaluable information about the testing procedures for properties that have once housed clandestine methamphetamine laboratories or have been ‘user’ sites.


This demonstration includes instructions on the use of all equipment and cleaning materials required to complete a successful decontamination, Health & Safety processes required for contaminated sites, and how to create a meth remediation plan and a post-decontamination report.

By the end of the demonstration, you will know how to successfully and safely clean a methamphetamine contaminated property, have a thorough understanding of the risks associated with meth labs and ‘user’ sites, and be competent with the correct procedures and cleaning products required to complete successful decontamination.


We hope you will find our training video useful.


When purchasing this item from our webshop, the file you will be able to download will have a link to the video where you need to complete your payment to get the full video pack. VIMEO, our video streaming partner storing the files, the payment must be completed on their website.

Decontamination training video