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Franchise Opportunities


Eco Decontamination Systems are currently looking for new franchise owners nationwide. With the growing extent of decontamination works that are being completed, we want to be able to invite you to get involved in making New Zealand homes livable again.

Whether you have a current business which aligns with a new decontamination franchise, or you are simply looking for an exciting business opportunity “jumping in the deep end” can be an extremely daunting experience.

The benefit of being an EDS Franchisee is you can hit the ground running, with a strong network of support behind you, and the risk is mitigated by a proven formula. 

At Eco Decontamination Systems we pride ourselves in ensuring the ongoing training and support for our franchisees. Whether this is training new staff members or giving advice on product solution for a complicated case; We are here to help. 

Franchise Avail Map.png

Please contact us for further details or to receive a Franchise Pack.

Current franchise opportunities:



Palmerston North

New Plymouth


Nelson / Blenheim


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