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Our History

Eco Decontamination Systems (“EDS”) has a team with valued experience within the meth cleaning services industry.  We specialise in the decontamination of homes throughout New Zealand contaminated with Methamphetamine and the training of new contractors in our unique eco-friendly cleaning system.

We want to play our part in providing people in New Zealand healthy homes so we chose to partner with Apple Environmental (USA). Apple Environmental produces one of the world's leading methamphetamine decontamination products.

Hill Laboratories and E.S.R. have tested and confirmed Apple Environmental Meth Remover and our cleaning methodology comply with the NZ Standard for Testing and Decontamination of Methamphetamine-contaminated Properties (NZS8510:2017).

Our Director, Shanan traveled to the USA and undertook product-specific training at the Apple Environmental facilities located in Utah. This extensive training covered the effective and efficient removal of this poison from homes.   Technical training also covered the effects of methamphetamine use, and the ongoing issues this drug creates within our homes and communities. 

We include instant meth test kits in our process to check and direct our cleaning efforts.  This enables us to be effective and efficient so we can complete the work for our customers in the time we say we will.


We've had these instant meth test kits analysed by Hills Laboratories to ensure that we can rely on the instant results they give us.  Given their reliability, we have also included in our product range for people to purchase.  We think people should have the opportunity to do their own quick check of their properties if they suspect any illegal met related activity going on.


The EDS team is experienced, friendly, sympathetic to the issue and dedicated to ensuring the stresses of methamphetamine decontamination are taken care of in the safest way possible. 

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